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Tips – Property

Create proper grading / slope away from your home, as this helps keep water away and from seeping in.

Ensure downspouts are clear, allowing water to pass through. The extensions should also be long enough to make sure that water is being directed away from the home.

When possible, try not to leave the house while the dishwasher or washing machine is running. Many losses caused by water damage could have been prevented if the homeowner were present when the loss occurred.

Installing a Mainline backflow valve on your water line can help prevent sewer back up in a home. Many insurance companies will also provide a discount.

Not only does installing a monitored Fire and Alarm system help prevent losses from occurring, but most insurance companies will also provide a discount.

Purchase surge protectors for expensive electronic items such as Home Theatre or computers.

Never leave appliances unattended that emit heat, such as hair dryer, coffee maker, toaster, irons, etc.

Do not leave candles, fireplaces (wood or electric) or space heaters unattended.

Arrange to have someone check your property if you are going to be away from home for more than three days;

Store important documents and irreplaceable personal objects (such as photographs) where they will not get damaged.

If you will be away from home during the winter for more than 3 days, drain the plumbing or arrange to have someone come in daily and check your home to ensure that your heat is still on.

Elevate furnaces, hot water heaters and electrical panels in the basement on masonry or relocate these objects.