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Providing Personal, Farm and Commercial Insurance.
Specialized packages are available for many industries, including Oil & Gas, Restaurants, Retailers, Salon/Spa and many more.

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Stettler, AB
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Industry News

The latest in industry news.

Rushton Agencies Partners with Acera Insurance

We are excited to announce that Rushton Agencies has partnered with Acera Insurance, one of...

Changes to Wind/Hail & Sewer Back-up

Due to continuing severe weather events in Alberta, Insurance companies continue to make changes to...

Seasonal Tips

Please review the following section to obtain tips on preventing damage to your property

Candles, Fireplaces, and space heaters

Do not leave candles, fireplaces (wood or electric) or space heaters unattended....

Never leave an appliance unattended

Never leave appliances unattended that emit heat, such as hair dryer, coffee maker, toaster, irons,...